Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Go get your sticker!

I Voted stickers... so hot right now.
Happy Election Day my merry friends! As a political science major who once upon a time dreamed of a career in political office, I take election day very seriously. Because even though I too am a bit disillusioned with the state of politics in our country, a voice is a voice and yours should be heard!

Want to very quickly learn where your polling place is, who will be on your ballot and what referenda and other ballot measures you'll be seeing behind the curtain? Visit TheBallot.org an amazing site which provides all that info based upon the home address you enter. Don't just be a voter, be an informed voter.

And if you want to get schooled in why our individual state legislatures are WAY more important than we (or the news media) seem to realize, watch this expert/hysterical/slightly terrifying bit from Sunday's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (a great show that you should be watching btw). Our current Congress is on course to be the least productive in history(!), but at the local level really important bills are being passed by the 1,000s. Politics is local people!!

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