Thursday, November 6, 2014

DC and Distractions

rain rain go away!
I could tell you that yesterday I jetted down to Washington D.C. because I had to be a part of all the post-election day excitement ("excitement"), but really I went down to my second most favorite US city for a quick work trip and meetings on my alma mater's campus (GGGDub!) I barely had a moment to enjoy the District, but I did get to have a little catchup/sleepover with a college roomie before turning back around to NYC. So now I'm back and I'm serving up some distractions from around the web. Enjoy!

* Are you ready to tear up from an absolutely adorable holiday commercial?
* This makeup artists' skills are legit!
* "12 Great Sandwich Hacks" that are about to change your life.
* Dot wall DIY. (exactly what it sounds like!)
* There is such thing as a Ballerina Orchid and it's beautiful...
* I have some high heels desperately in need of this repair.
* Small, elegant and purdy.
* There's no greater thrill after getting off a ride than discovering you've taken an amazing mid-ride picture.

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