Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I am the bag lady.

An alternative to draping them across chairs...
This morning I looked around my living room and noticed something a tad alarming. Seven (7!) different bags, in various states of packed/unpacked, hanging on the chair backs in the room. There were 2 purses, 1 gym bag and 4 different tote bags strewn across my desk chair, two kitchen chairs and the corner of the couch. I am the bag lady.

City living is definitely partially to blame for this situation. Without a car, I'm like my own personal sherpa, toting (literally!) everything I need each day in various bags, from my laptop and wallet, to bike shoes and what I picked up at the grocery store (don't hate me because I'm green!) What I can't really blame on anyone but myself is how the bags end up hanging and abandoned once I get home, remnant packs of tissues and gum, the hand sanitizer I'm always looking for and occasionally an iPod or favorite lipstick buried within them. I'm like Goldilocks with my purses, always changing to the one that's "just right" and if one more event hands out a free "perfect for your groceries" tote bag, I'm tote-ally screwed. (hehe) Tomorrow is slated to be a home cleanup/organize day... wish me luck getting the invasion of the bags under control!!

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