Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ombre-cing the Trend.

Bold and beautiful
Last week I decided to change my hair color (again). After literally months of contemplation, I took my (single process) dark brown hair and added some light blonde tips. I went ombre. Since summer I've been admiring the ombre trend from afar (or from not so far, I confess to sneakily photographing an actual woman's hair from behind at a concert because I thought her color tones were that perfect!) but I feared taking the plunge. Now that I have my stylish locks, I'm sad I waited so long to go for it because I'm in luuurve. Even though I went for the most tame ombre possible (just the tip hehe) I feel fresh and sufficiently "changed" by the new color. It's amazing what loving your hair can do for your mood:)

What I can't figure out though, is why this seemed like such a big decision to me. I've been highlighted blonde, out-of-the-box redish/brown, and so dark brown it's nearly black all within the past few years (I like to play with my hair!) but for some reason embracing the ombre look seemed like a big freakin deal. Will I be a cliche trend? Will I appear unprofessional in my corporate (and mostly untrendy) office? Will I look back at pictures in 10 years and wonder "what the hell was I thinking!?" (a la the boy/bowl haircut of fifth grade!?) Who knows. But I think the moral of the story is to find that space between impulsive and over-analyzing and just go for it. Relish the new hair fad, funky nail art or trendy seasonal fashion if you really love it. Because, why not?

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