Thursday, October 11, 2012

F.I.T.S. of merriment

Lisbon is for Lovers.
Merry Meri is on vacation this week so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy!

Funny: What if the Disney villians had won? (thanks sis!)
Interesting: As the weather gets colder, I self-diagnose my "seasonal effective disorder". Beat the winter blues with these creative tips.
Tasty: 'tis the season for all things pumpkin. Bring fall into your kitchen with one of these tasty recipes (and thanks to loyal reader Laur for the link!!)
SiteILove: My love and admiration for all things Justina Blakeney started by following her on Pinterest and blossomed into daily reading of her blog (oh social media you're so savvy!) Focused on interior decorating, fashion and a bit about her "boomba" (adorable Ida was born just over a month ago) Justina's blogis a colorful, cheerful, thoughtful expression of all that makes her unique and interesting. I can only hope to curate my knicknacks as thoughtfully as she has in her "Jungalow".

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