Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where the curvy girls at!?

curves for days
Last night, as I sat contemplating the loss of those pesky extra pounds I brought home from Europe, I joked that maybe instead of trying to lose weight, I should usher in a new era of the feminine form, or rather, bring back a version of the female body we used to admire. "I want to look like those sculptures we saw everywhere. I think I'm just gonna embrace some soft curves and round edges... those babes looked smokin!" Dr. H laughed and ever the ass-man, seemed pleased with my plan, but he commented that to fill out like those ladies, I'd probably need to gain at least 20 or 40 pounds.

"Yes, my thighs touch.
You got a problem with that!?"
What happened? How did we get from nude babes with bellies and soft hips to size zero? Apparently I was born in the wrong century... I mean, if Aphrodite, Goddess of Love could have a little pooch under her belly button, why can't I!?

a little something to squeeze was
apparently how she wanted love to be
I'm not in a place to dissect the evolution of the female form, nor do I care to comment on the fashion industry and its use of emaciated models (I just did?) but I would like to remind all my lady friends out there that curvy and soft is beautiful. So beautiful that Europe has whole sculpture gardens full of it (I know, I was there). Maybe this isn't considered the "ideal" female form any longer, but it's still a form of beauty and I say if you got it, flaunt it (maybe the key is to be naked more?!) Somebody get me a second serving of pasta please.

work those curves girl

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