Friday, August 28, 2015

My current favorite tv show

August can be a tough month for tv lovers... most shows are on hiatus and there aren't even many live sports options (don't you dare suggest golf. Don't. You. DARE.) Thankfully when cruising my OnDemand menu recently, I discovered the GREATEST SHOW ever invented. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Drunk History (#IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow).

Based on a hit web series, the Comedy Central show has a simple premise: someone gets absolutely wasted and tells a famous historical story. The stories are 100% accurate, but told with all the "color" that a completely sh*tfaced narrator brings to the table.

And to make everything even more hysterical, the stories are acted out, completely via lip synching (of the drunk person's narration), by famous actors and comedians (and the casting is seriously impressive). 

This show is a history lover such as myself's dream and probably the way all history should be taught... it's that engaging and entertaining. Each episode is 30 minutes and tells 2-3 stories. With all of  season 2 on Comedy Central onDemand (for free!) right now, I think you know what I'll be doing all weekend :) 

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