Monday, August 24, 2015

just chillllll (and the winds of change).

Hey guys!! How ya doing!? Is anyone still reading out there!? I hope so. I've missed yous!

Last week I took a vacation to Maine (again, (and again) I am in love with that state) and instead of trying to get all my work done and schedule posts before I left, I decided to just chilllllll and left Seek to Be Merry silent. That's kinda been the theme of my summer actually, just chillllll - it's something new for me and it's been wonderful.

That said, I woke up this morning feeling a touch anxious and it was more than just a case of the post-vacation-Mondays (though that certainly did not help!) I feel like I'm living in the movie Mary Poppins... things are really good, but the winds of change are stirring. In the very near future work will pick up again, Dr. H and I will move (where Brooklyn at?... or rather "where the hell in Brooklyn will we be at?!!!?") and I might even be lucky enough to welcome a 4-legged friend into our family (game over, I win). Feel those winds a-blow'in AmIRight!?!! Thankfully I still have this little corner of the internet and plenty of merry musings and random internet goodness to keep me centered. Starting with THIS (#goals) xox!!


  1. So many exciting things coming soon - can't wait to follow along :).

  2. Oh my goodness, a puppy? How exciting, sweetie!! Have a beautiful day. xoxo