Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Two fall trends I'm super psyched about...

It's so haaarrrrd... to say goodbyyyyyeeee...
I absolutely love summer. To me, everything from the blazing hot sun, tan skin, slower pace and easy, breezy outfits is just divine. And even though I find fall beautiful as well, I have trouble letting go of my favorite season. Which is why I try to lean on another love, fashion, to get me excited about the change. Though I may shed a tear as I think about tucking away my flip flops and sundresses, I confess to being a smidge excited to break out my wedge booties, burgundy "leather" jacket (thank you Forever 21) and some Oxblood nail polish. I also love seeing what trends the fashion industry is pumping out at the start of a new season, in an attempt, as always, to convince us that what we wore last year is no longer cool and we need to replace and replenish. For this, I am a sucker... savvy (I like to think) but a sucker. But this year there are 2 looks I'm especially psyched to see in stores and 100% going to be investing in.

* Bell Bottoms & Flair Jeans
For hippies and everyone else!
I have always loved this style pant. As someone with a booty and thick-ass thighs (actual name) skinny jeans have never made me look... errr... skinny, but my beloved flares and bells certainly do. This trend is popping up everywhere and it's one every body type can pull off. Your best fit is going to be snug through the waist and thighs and then flared between the knee and mid-shin to whatever size "bell" you feel comfortable with. And unless you are a long-legged goddess, pop on a comfortable wedge or heel (which is covered by the bell) to create the illusion of longer-then-reality stems. Not sure about the trend? Start off with an inexpensive pair from somewhere like American Eagle (this place is actually my go-to for all jeans and I've rocked a great pair of flairs from here for years). Another perk of inexpensive options? You can buy more than one, at different lengths, to suit your different shoe heights:)

* T-Strap heels

I don't know why, but I love the throw-back, vintage-y look of t-strap shoes. As a high heel, a t-strap creates the illusion of a long and elegant foot and overall, the look manages to seem trendy and fashionable while still classic and mature. I spotted these lovely guys in the Nine West window a few weeks back and resisted the urge to buy them seeing as the last thing on the planet I need are more heels, but I'm still thinking about them and my resolve is weakening... 

Not sure about the t-strap? I'm seeing a whole lot of Mary Janes out there as well. Whatever your preference, this fall I think it's going to be all about the strap-on (hehe) heel. 

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