Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shade Balls (news with a name that sounds like an insult)

Balls awayyyy!!!
Have you heard about the "shade balls" in Los Angeles? Thanks to my daily issue of The Skimm (an easy-to-read, short news email perfect for staying on top of current events; you NEED it; subscribe HERE) I learned about the crazy invention being utilized to combat the ongoing California draught... Shade Balls (actual name):

According to the NY Times, the balls float on top of the city's reservoirs, help block sunlight and UV rays that promote algae growth and prevent evaporation, which drains the Los Angeles water supply of about 300 million gallons a year. And on top of all these practical uses, the California reservoirs now look like goth-themed ball pits that I desperately wanna jump in:
Brings new meaning to "Watching the Ball Drop."
By the truckload!
Looks like a theme park ride!
Whoa. That's a lotta balls. (hehe)
Amazingly, this sounds like one of those crazy ideas that's so simple, it just might work. It also sounds like an insult you'd hurl at a friend who was being super sketchy (e.g., "Dude, you're acting totally shade balls right now"). Regardless, best of luck from NYC to Cali with all your shade balls (pun intended).

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