Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just call me Dora!

Hello my 3-day weekend warriors and welcome to one of the most depressing Tuesdays of the year (#Fact). I hope you all had an amazing time celebrating the long weekend and enjoyed the end of our beloved summer season in style (#PleaseDontGo). Since today has a fall/back to school vibe for most of us,  I thought it was a good time to tell you all about my most recent "how did I ever live without this?" purchase. Introducing my new backpack (#backpackbackpack!!)

Based on my store browsing and internet searching, I think it is safe to say that backpacks are indeed "cool" again. Backpacks are also a great way to save your back and shoulders from one-shoulder/tote bag induced pain and being hands free means you can ride your bike, corral your kiddos or simply stroll with ease. Though NorthFace and LL Bean styles endure, if you're a grown up workin Dora's favorite accessory, it's important to go with something a bit more professional and sleek.

The fan favorite brand in my house is Herschel, with my choice HERE and Dr. H's slightly larger pack HERE. Both offer padded interiors for protecting your laptop, comfy adjustable straps and additional pockets for your miscellaneous items. And though there are a ton of amazing styles, colors and prints (ooh la la!) I mustered up some maturity and went with black for my City Backpack-Mid Volume since I'm often toting my laptop and work accoutrements around the city and straight into meetings. If you're looking for some other brand options (including a few that are more fashion than work-function) click HERE, HERE or HERE. Dr. H and I are also hopelessly devoted to our Roots leather backpack when we travel. It's indestructible, holds a ton of stuff and leaves our hands free for vacation essentials like taking photos and eating food:)

Now that you know where to look, channel your inner Dora the Explorer and grab yourself a backpack today!

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