Monday, September 21, 2015

My husband is awesome (but sucks at grocery shopping)

There's a surprisingly awesome quantity of stock-photo
images to be found when you google "man grocery shopping"
This post is for all my homegirls who have awesome husbands who chip in at home, but who for the life of them, cannot manage a successful trip to the grocery store. For those of you who make painstakingly detailed lists which include package coloring and shelf location but still end up with a phone call from a confused hubby in aisle 3, this rant is for YOU!

Dr. H is awesome about sharing the burden of "home work", but one task I always hesitate to pass off is going to the grocery store. No matter how hard I try, it is as though a blind man consumes products in our home and then he becomes a bewildered little boy when trying to locate anything resembling the items on his list inside the store. Somehow a pre-dinner shopping list which includes "1 lb chicken breasts" turns into 1 lb of my favorite chipotle chicken breast deli meat and the store being sold out of shallots (which later morphs into a confession of "I don't really know what shallots look like"). 

I don't know what in our genetic code makes women so much more capable of grocery shopping than men, but my scientific research (aka, complaining to girlfriends over alcohol) yields a conclusive result that the majority of men simply cannot grocery shop. 

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