Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hump Day on Delay

EXACTLY what I would have done.
First of all, thanks so much to all of my lovely and loyal blog readers for (a) still being here and (b) sending so many sweet messages of congratulations and support after Tuesday's post! A new apartment and a puppy coming to a Merry Meri near you this fall - YAY! Even though yesterday was officially Hump Day, my week is all wonky thanks to Rosh Hashanah so I figured I'd share some of the internet goodies I've been collecting today. Enjoy!

* In case you were wondering what the new "it" books are, wonder no more!
* Ann Taylor is having a mayyyjah sale right now (I'm talking 40% off your entire purchase). Get some recs on what to select from their fall goodness here.
* Want to win a beautiful piece of jewelry? (of course you do!)
* Have you ever noticed that most Disney characters don't have Moms? Here are some theories on why the house of mouse does it that way.
* And speaking of Disney, THIS looks absolutely stunning.
* An elegant, messy, braided bun in 5 minutes?! Yes please.
* Weeeeeeeeee!!! #Sheepdoglove

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