Friday, August 22, 2014

Yo Quiero...

I may or may not know someone who owned this.
As some of you probably realized (maybe even more than "some"!?) I didn't make it to the blogosphere to post yesterday, but I have a really good reason. I was eating Taco Bell. Specifically, the long coveted Doritos Locos Tacos and the newly discovered AM Crunch Wrap. I ate both of these items for breakfast (#NoShame) and all I can say is WOW (also, YES and "when is it appropriate to eat another?") A long time lover of all things Doritos, I have been holding off on eating a Locos Taco until I could do so with beloved BFFs and yesterday was that glorious day. The AM Crunch Wrap was a last minute (excellent) addition to our order after a drool-worthy commercial indicated that we would find hashbrowns IN the breakfast quesadilla. 

Now I know some people are skeptical of fast food or perhaps too high falutin to "think outside the bun", but to all of you I say "your loss amigo!" These items exceeded my expectations (Doritos Locos Taco Pro-Tip: eat them fresh instead of bringing them home... the shells get a little soggy) and though I'm not suggesting they be part of your next well balanced meal or daily diet, I am saying that you should try them. At least once. Especially if you're like me and Doritos are your thang. Seriously. Eat it now.

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