Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back just in time to Hump (Day) it.

Friends, I have returned!! Please excuse my silence these past two days, but I was a bit wrapped up in real life work and blog life work fell a bit behind. Buuuut I'm back!! And because two days away means I have much to say in addition to links to share, here's a hearty serving of distractions and ramblings to get you through the day.

* I, like a great many others, am deeply saddened by this week's loss of Robin Williams. While I think his role as "Gennnnnie offf thhheee lamp!!!" may be the one that touched me most as a child, countless others, from Good Will Hunting and Hook to Dead Poet's Society and Mrs. Doubtfire showed a range and talent beyond compare. As I've said before, losing a beloved celebrity often feels like losing someone much closer. Robin touched us all (even of the primate variety) and he will most certainly be missed.

* After that somber thought, this joyful reminder to never stop dancing, will surely bring the smile back to your face:

* This week is Shark Week on Discovery Channel which Dr. H and I celebrated by cooking up some Mako Shark for dinner last night (freshly caught by Dad this weekend!) Impress your friends with some shark knowledge today!
* Are you ready to go back in time with The Nostalgia Machine!? (This site is so f'ing cool)
* On Saturday I went with my Dr. H family to the PGA Championship (aka a golf tournament) in Louisville, Kentucky. I give Louisville two thumbs up (THIS place was awesome) and golf... more credit than I'd originally thought. It's much more interesting in person than on tv, that is until you find a nice quiet spot in the shade and dose off leaning against a building. Not that I'd know from experience or anything...
* Genius hacks for fixing "ruined" clothes.
* Turns out my life is a lot like the movie Frozen. Which Disney movie is actually based on your life!? (thanks sis!)

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