Friday, August 15, 2014

That’s what she said

Kids say the darndest things...
This post brought to you by the fabulous (parent)thetically speaking.

This volume, ladies (and gentlemen?) is all about the arrival of “why?” into the little miss’s vocabulary and the story-telling, oh the story-telling! Has a story (or a tiny, rambling, crazy person) made you chuckle and think “what could possibly be going on in their head?” Here are some gems that I’m oh-so-glad I wrote down...

* Yesterday there was a little almond sticking out of my belly button.
* You’re my goofiest cookie in the whole wide world and I can’t believe I get to eat you.
* Sometimes firefighters go to synagogue on their own, and they make the synagogue spicy.
* My bracelet says after Mother’s Day is Sister’s Day. That’s where you give all the sisters hug and kisses. And then give them treats like chocolate and Hershey bars.
* The other day, when I woke up in my crib, Daddy wasn’t there, he was still at the dentist where I was born.
* A spectel is when you’re not talking nicely.
* Elsa’s really good at making braids mommy, but you’re not.
* I smell chocolate chip cookies, I think I’ll keep the smell in my nose.
* You know what I call Target? Rawr-get.
* This animation is kind of rude.
* Consplain it to me.
* That hill tickled the inside of my belly.

And now... That’s what she asked

* Do witches brush their teeth?
* Why does red mean stop - why doesn’t green mean stop and red mean go?
* Why do we have a mailbox?
* Where do trucks live?
* Why do people have skin?

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