Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An All-Things-Emmys Roundup

Well done buddy!
Did you watch the Emmys last night? Dr. H and I tuned in for the whole 3 hours and were fairly entertained the entire time which for an awards show is a pretty big feat! I thought Seth Meyers did a great job hosting and while I didn't agree with (several) of the winners, I thought the Emmy's were, overall, an excellent evening for my beloved boob tube (we watched EVERY show nominated in more than a few categories. #shamelesscouchpotatoes) Here is a roundup of my thoughts, the fashion and some highlights from last night's show.

* For me, THIS was the funniest bit of the night (and not just because I walked past Billy filming it last week!)
* I thought a LOT of stars brought their A-Game to the red carpet but some personal favorites were:

Lizzy Caplan looking somehow even hotter
than she does (naked!) on Masters of Sex. 

SYTYCD host- robbed of an Emmy, but not
red carpet glory. Cat Deeley for the win!

Sarah Hyland with an age-appropriate
but still classy crop-top look. NICE.

Hayden making pregnancy on the
red carpet look SO good (not easy!)
Honorable mentions to Amy Poehler, Michelle Dockery and January Jones (As for Sarah Paulson... at least you didn't get any mosquito bites!?) For more Emmy fashion favorites (from the experts) click HERE, HERE and HERE

* Look out for Netflix network/cable tv! Last night's bevy of nominees from the streaming service's hit shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards were a pretty clear indication of where tv taste is headed. I thought this commercial summed the whole thing up pretty nicely.

* Weird Al is not aging. Also, he's still pretty funny.
* I do not understand the obsession with Amazing Race and Big Bang Theory. Honestly. What am I missing!?!
* THIS is the guy who directed True Detective. He and Willie Nelson obviously share a hair stylist.
* I love Modern Family and have seen just about every episode, but come on. This past season especially, I have a hard time ranking them as better than the actors and shows they were up against.
* I think I need to start watching Sherlock.

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