Monday, August 18, 2014

Sis & Mr. J

Nittany Lion Love.
This weekend, my beloved, amazing, brilliant, crazy, beautiful Sis got engaged. Her (awesome) boyfriend of many years, Mr. J (that's right, you've got your own SeektoBe name now buddy!) got down on one knee in the middle of my parents' living room and shocked her socks off with a heartfelt proposal and straight up stunna ring. Sis called me crying, her voice still audibly shaking from the shock and joy. There aren't many surprises in life more moving and merry than a truly unexpectedly timed engagement. 

So now I get to be a Maid of Honor (woo!) and I get to watch my baby sister become a bride. Thinking back to her Bat Mitzvah, I remember watching teary eyed, unexpectedly moved and full of pride at age 17 as my 5-years-younger sister read from the torah and blew me away with her poise and accomplishment. I already realize that this too will be one of those "I know I'm not your parent but I feel compelled to protect and raise you" moments of pride and I cannot freakin wait. I cannot wait to stand back and support and watch as my little snug takes the next step towards her own adult life. And I cannot wait for her to experience all the joys of new love and true love and all the his and hers moments in between. Mazels to you Sis and Mr. J, I couldn't be happier for you.

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  1. i love you more than words can say sis!!! I am so happy to have you by my side for this amazing time in our lives!!!!!