Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Are you lookin at me?
Well hump-ty dumpty do, we've made it to Wednesday. My head has been abuzz this week with all sorts of non-blog related items (holidays, apt hunting, work shenanigans to name a few...) so please "bear" with me (hehe) as we hump our way towards the weekend!

* Guaranteed to make you smile.
* Click HERE to discover just how many hours you should be dedicating to the boob tube this fall.
* Break out the beers, turn on the game and make THESE a part of your next football Sunday (so easy, so tasty)
* I intend to see Happy. [via CupofJo]
* I've always loved the simplicity of black and white, but color gives new life to these photos... which do you prefer?
* I love free concerts (who doesn't!?)
* THESE are almost too terrifying to be funny. Drive safely my friends!

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