Friday, September 28, 2012

So long September!

Let's hug it out.
Can you believe it!? It's like we blinked and the whole month is gone. Funny how time passes like that. In honor of this gloomy, grey Friday (NYC looks like a scene from Ghostbusters right now) I thought I'd send some cozy ideas your way. For example, how incredible does this Tomato-Caprese Soup look:
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And this recipe is called "skinny lasagna" so obviously I'm all "call Garfield, we're having lasagna for dinner tonight!" 
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Or maybe cozy isn't what you're looking for on this gloomy day. Maybe you need something that will warm your heart... THIS will warm your heart (it takes a minute to load and start playing, but I swear it's worth the wait). And for good measure, a rainy day joke:

Whatever your weekend has in store, I hope it's fabulous.
Peace out Septembre

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