Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Dancing Polar Bear = I am officially distracted. Work it bear!!
Oh hey there Wednesday! Look at you sneakin up on me thanks to a lovely 3-day weekend shortening the week! It's rainy and grey here in NYC so I've been snuggling up with tea and willing Friday to arrive. Soon enough... In the meantime, allow the distractions to commence:

* Photobombs seriously crack me up!
* I'm skeptical about the ability to preserve freshness, but maybe it's worth a try?
* Dannnnnce to the music.
* I find Google Street view to be highly entertaining (also, ridiculously helpful). Apparently, so does THIS guy.
* Hey baby-makin friends... I am going to spoil your babies with adorableness from HERE.
* THIS is a pretty great story about how a moment of honest praise turned into something much much bigger.
* Now if that isn't the most darling thing!! 100% chance you see this as decor at the next shower/kiddie/girly party I'm involved in hosting.
* My wifi network name is not nearly creative enough

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