Monday, September 24, 2012

On inspiration (and motivation).

The say fresh flowers can improve your mood.
My merry friends. I must confess (and perhaps you've already noticed) that lately I have been a bit lacking in inspiration, or perhaps more importantly, motivation. For the past 9+ months I have been the most enthusiastic blogger - constantly jotting down ideas, looking forward to my daily alone time in front of the keyboard, no limitations on my creativity. But all of the sudden I'm suffering from mental radio silence; I'm dreading having to "come up with a post" and I'm unsatisfied with every attempt at a whimsical rant. "WTF?!" I've asked myself... "WTF is going on!?" 

Maybe I have blogger fatigue (5 brilliant posts every week can be daunting). Maybe the weight of real life is mucking up my merry online persona (all things work, home and health have been challenging recently). Maybe it's the shorter days and departure of flip flops (I love my boots, but nothing beats freshly pedicured toes in cute sandals!) I just don't know. What I do know, however, is that I'm going to muscle through it (whatever "it" is). I find routine calming and writing for all of you has been part of my routine for almost an entire year now, so I'm sticking with it. So get ready for my thoughts on the beautiful Kate Middleton, the taste of bananas, the important differences between candy corn and candy pumpkins and all the other ridiculous things floating around my head. I'll just keep talking, you all keep reading (pretty please) and we'll see where it gets us:)

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