Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hump Day Distractions

Hump Daaaaay!
Guys. Today is my baby boy Dugans' 2nd birthday!!!! Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I might be too obsessed with my dog!? Well, first of all, NO SUCH THING and second, how could you not be obsessed with this face:
Dugans may not have come home to Dr. H and I until Nov. of 2015, but he was born on this day 2 short, but somehow seems like forever, years ago. I can remember getting the email from the breeder that there was 1 little dude puppy in the litter (I've only ever had male dogs and figured I'd stick with what I know) and that he was nearly completely white (only thing we'd said was "NYC is dirty, we don't want a white dog"). After a lengthy debate which seems truly insane now, we decided that this pup was for us and the rest is history!!!

In honor of Mister Dugs (pronounced Doogs) birthday, here's a doggy style (hehe) serving of hump day distractions. Enjoy!
* Here are some of the best dog instagram accounts. Personal favorites of mine are Toast, Muppet, The Dogist, Samson and of course DUGANS!
* Do you know DoggoLingo?!
* Adorable puppers grow up into adorable doggos
* I could go on for hours about the love affair blossoming between baby and puppy in my house (and I probably will at some point), but for now, THIS
* Halloween is coming and obviously in my house it's going to be a family affair!!!

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