Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Introducing Miss Awesome.

All good indeed!
I know today is Wednesday, but it's kinda not Hump Day because of Labor Day and I haven't posted since last Hump Day, so how about I share a little something special today and tomorrow I'll give you some fun links to break up the week?! Cool? Cool.

So... Introducing Merry Meri's newest project, Miss Awesome*:
Affectionately dubbed Awesomesauce by Dr. H and I throughout my pregnancy, lil A entered the world on November 28, 2016 and has been living up to her awesome moniker ever since. I could write forever about the infinite joy that becoming a mom has brought me and the beautiful soul that is my daughter... Being a mom ROCKS and having Miss Awesome as my newest co-adventurer has been (1) so much fun and (2) great for Dr. H, who no longer has to accompany me to every museum, amusement park, hiking trail and food truck I seek to enjoy (when they're tiny they're so portable!) Awesome loves to travel, eat, smile and observe and I try to fill her universe with interesting, exciting, engaging and beautiful experiences. In short, we make an excellent team.

I have a long mental list of future posts about motherhood, from my experiences with birth, breastfeeding and being a workforce mom (all moms are working moms!) to thoughts on dressing a little girl and what to do when your kid sh*ts in the tub (laugh, you have to laugh) but this is not and will not be a mommy-blog. I'll try to keep the topics diverse and sprinkle adventures in parenting throughout because hey, ya gotta write what you know. So that's the new big news, now back to our regularly scheduled Merry Meri (also Mommy) programming.

* I made a decision back in 2011 (sooo long ago!) not to share pictures of Dr. H's or my faces on this blog and I feel pretty strongly about sticking to that policy for Miss Awesome (at least for now). Her punim is very adorable though, I promise :)

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