Friday, September 15, 2017

Take your stretchy pants to work day (hooray!)

Not this kinda pant, not this kinda work, but cool pose right?
Guys. Lululemon is making chic work pants and they're the splurge you didn't know you needed to make, because trust me, these pants are the real deal. 

Anyone who knows Dr. H knows that after me and Miss Awesome, the thing he loves most in this world are his "Lulu Man Pants" aka, the slim fit chino-esque pants made of stretchy material by yoga-world dominator Lululemon. He owns the ABC pant in like 4 colors and loves them for both their insanely comfortable fit and dress up or down ability (plus, look up what ABC stands for). Well ladies, it's our turn to take our Lulus to work and these two pants are it:

The Noir Pant (HERE) and On the Fly Pant (HEREfit like butta over my booty and hug my hips and thighs in all the right places. They breath in the heat and are just heavy enough for when it's cold. They do NOT wrinkle and though they're pictured here with sneakers, I pair mine with booties or even strappy heals and it's a whole other work-date night situation (with enough stretchiness for dessert!). 

Now listen, I am not someone to casually spend $118 on a pair of pants. That's a decision I think about VERY carefully, but if you do the "what's the cost per usage?" calculation on a timelessly styled black dress pant (that just so happens to feel like a yoga pant) you're sure to realize your investment and then some. As I shift my closet to "less stuff, higher utility" (#adulting) these pants are definitely on the path to wardrobe dominance. Check em out!

ps- Lulu does free alterations so shorties like me, rejoice!!

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