Friday, March 13, 2015

If I can make it there, I'll make it... anywhere?

NYC Poo with 'tude
Last weekend I experienced an ultimate New York moment. I am proud to add the experience to my list of quintessential New York City happenings, even though it is disgusting and something only a New Yorker could boast about... Last weekend I encountered a giant poop on the subway.

Yup. A poop. On the floor. Of a public subway car.

Are you laughing or painfully cringing (or maybe a little bit of both?!)

Most experienced NYC subway riders know that if a train pulls into the station and you notice 1 car significantly emptier than the others, there is something going awry in said car. The A/C isn't working, a person is behaving or smelling strangely, the possibilities are endless, but the result is the same - people avoid the car. Well on Sunday, I stepped quickly onto a subway car and immediately realized that the car was only half full and that half was pretty much all on one side. uh-oh. Directly across from me was a man, sitting casually on a bench all to himself, with a bandana across his nose and mouth. Double uh-oh. I notice a strange smell, not overwhelmingly unpleasant, but not great. I look right, a bunch of people... I look left, no people except bandana man. I look left and down... GIANT SH*T ON THE FLOOR. AHHHHH!!!! It is too late to exit the car, the doors have closed. I can't go right bc this is the last car of the train. To evacuate the premises I will need to go around the doodie and through to the next car. I do not pass go (but I do pass the poo!) as I scurry quickly (noticing that it looks like it came from a freakin horse and has clearly been sitting there for some time) to the door and into the next car. I briefly look back. I kind of regret not snapping a picture. I cringe and then smile, then go back to my day getting just a little bit excited to retell this story as soon as I get home. Welcome to New York.

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