Monday, March 9, 2015

New Product Alert!

Complexion Rescue to the rescue!
I'm baaaaaack! After more than a few days off to focus on work and take a little blogging creative breather I am BACK and I've got a whole iPhone note's worth of post topics to start sending your way!! I hope you're ready because I've missed having a place to share my funny stories, random thoughts and new discoveries. Speaking of which...

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! I have found the greatest makeup product EVER. Seriously. Allow me to explain: Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a makeup person. My typical makeup routine involves less than 5 minutes of mostly applied-by-fingers products. This is the result of a few things (laziness and a fear of people getting so used to my made-up face that my plain-old face starts to seem less palatable being the dominant two!) and when I do want to "turn it up" I've got a single set of bareMinerals powders I like to use. But then I saw a tv commercial for a new bareMinerals product that promised to make my skin light and radiant and have all the benefits of a tinted moisturizer, BB and CC cream (I have no idea what those things are, but I know from reading fancy magazines that I should be using them on my skin.) So off I went to my local bareMinerals store (on Prince St. in NYC, though their products are also at most Sephoras) and had my makeup done using "the product from tv" which the girl in the store quickly identified as Complexion Rescue

My new, unstoppable combo!
You guys... this product is FOR REAL. Not only do I absolutely love how it makes my skin look, but it is so easy to apply and doesn't make your face look "made-up", just WAY better! With 2-3 tiny dots onto the brush (I bought Complexion Rescue and this brush) and about 60 seconds more time than my old makeup routine, my skin looks smoother, genuinely more radiant and overall more even and lovely. Don't believe me!? Well, I had someone see a picture of me recently and ask if I'd had my makeup done (nope! just my new Complexion Rescue doin its thang!) and my mom gave me an unsolicited "you look good" compliment over brunch last weekend. If that's not proof that this product is the real deal, I don't know what is!

My recommendation - go get this product, but take the time to have it tried out for you in-store. The pros will match your skin tone to the right shade and show you how to apply it (plus who doesn't like having their makeup done by a pro!?) So now go forth and get your complexion rescued!!

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  1. I am in on this makeup :) Just have to find time to get to the store!