Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You've Gato go to Gato

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is that one day you can be walking down a street you always walk down and suddenly there's something brand new and cool there that wasn't just a day before. Enter Gato, a restaurant I noticed immediately last summer when its chic storefront on Lafayette St. suddenly appeared along the walk between my spin studio and the subway. 6+ months of failed attempts to dine there later (I do not suggest trying to just walk-in or secure a "normal" dinner time reservation day-of) I am here to tell you that you've gato go to Gato (God I love puns!!)

Gato turns out to be a Bobby Flay joint, artfully decorated in a very Soho, industrial chic style with a gorgeous bar, windowed kitchen and a floor so gorg I actually got tile envy.
Ambiance is everything dahling.
The menu is priced somewhere above reasonable and below expensive (aka, Manhattan-y) and filled with inventive and unique "New Mediterranean" cuisine from a tapas list to funky topping'ed pizzas,  "spreads" with pita and a breadth of entree and vegetable side options. I found it nearly impossible to decide what to order, but between Dr. H and I we settled on the White Chicory Salad, Pizza with Lamb Sausage (appetizer-me-up!), the Porterhouse Pork Chop and the Kale and Wild Mushroom Paella (so f'ing unique and good I will have to fight the urge to re-order this every time I go back).
Who knew a vegetable paella could be so sexy!!?
With a chic and lively atmosphere ("loud" as your parents might call it), gorgeous setting and a menu jam-packed with items worth ordering, I am already looking forward to my next trip to Gato. I suggest making reservations early, heading over on a weeknight (5:30 and 9:30pm still available for tonight) or being flexible about your dining time on a weekend (we booked a 10pm table just a few hours before heading over). Plus, it's been reported that Bobby is often in the kitchen cooking, so be on the lookout for your very own celebrity chef siting!

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