Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Will you be my Valentine?

I love love!!
In case you've been trapped under a wintery weather mix (or many feet of snow as I've heard our friends up in Boston are!) I'm here to remind you that Valentine's Day is right around the corner, this Saturday, February 14th. Now I don't subscribe to the overly commercial glorification of this "hallmark holiday", but I absolutely love love and I think any day that asks us to pause and appreciate the people we love is a day worth honoring. So here to help you forgo the sappy cards and do better than a box of red chocolate (though don't get me wrong, chocolate is good!) are some merry meri tips for the loviest holiday of them all!

Sometimes the best way to say I love you is with a cheesetastic homemade card! Thankfully I've got a bunch of amazing, adorable and easy DIY valentine ideas for you right HERE (seriously punny:)

* Merry Meri Tip: Valentine's Day means major markups at the florist and crowded restaurants with boring price fixe menus. Send your sweetie flowers in advance of the big day (they'll be just as appreciated on Thurs or Fri!) and since Valentine's Day falls on a weekend, consider a lovers brunch or lunch date to avoid the dinner crowds. Plan the day and then see where the night takes you:)

Want to be "that mom" who rocks your preschooler's Valentine's Day celebration harder than anyone else? How about these adorable "main squeeze" valentines?
Pin it HERE, Full tutorial HERE.
For more candy free valentine options, click HERE.

If you're looking to get crafty with your kiddo, I love this heart-inspired "Bee Mine" craft.
Pin it HERE, Full tutorial HERE.
Another cute kiddo craft idea from favorite blogger Naomi HERE.

Perhaps an adult themed craft is more what you had in mind!?
Amazingly easy step by step instructions for transforming the toy "bang" gun into a "bang me" gun (and where to get the gun) HERE.

* Merry Meri Tip: You don't have to spend a lot or go out to have a romantical night with your babe. Consider cooking together (order your first box of Blue Apron!?) or host your own semi-potluck where each of you is responsible for preparing a dish and you surprise one another with the final results! Set the dinner table with candles and the nice dishes (or at least don't eat at the coffee table (like we always do!)) and enjoy.

If you ask me, sentimental is always the way to go on Valentine's Day and nothing is more romantic than a hand written note. This year, consider getting old fashioned on your sweetie (or friend or beloved family member) and write them a note (or a bunch, like the pic above) telling them just how much you care.

And though Dr. H and I don't usually do big gifts for this holiday, that certainly doesn't mean gifts aren't lovely (right ladies!)? For some more awesome gift inspiration visit HERE (all under $40!); HERE (for him and her); HERE (the most adorable options); HERE (for ma high rollers); HERE (for him); HERE (edible, wearable and quirky), HERE (insanely easy and perfect for friends/coworkers)

Plus, some super cute cards (better than Hallmark!) HERE. Also, check out Urban Outfitters, they've got some serious greeting card game lately and though a bit overpriced, I think having a crude, sarcastic, sexy card is worth the extra $1!

* Merry Meri Tip: No significant other? No sweat!! One of my best Valentine's Days ever was a Gal-entine's Day (thanks Leslie Knope!) with my girlfriends in college. We held a "Secret St. Valentine" gift swap of gag gifts, played "pin the manhood on the man" and wore every share of red, pink and hearts that we owned. It was a BLAST. Love is love people, so spend your holiday with people you love!!

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  1. Love those tips and what a great idea to deliver flowers on Thursday or Friday. Ah, a fantastic way for an early surprise:) Have a beautiful morning, love.