Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hump Day on delay

That's some Thursday HumpDay-esque material right there
Was so busy humping (hehe), that I never got time to post yesterday. Oops! Good news is that I still managed to collect a nice sampling of goodies from around the web this week so without further delay... here are your hump day distractions (on Thursday. Whatever, you'll still click em!)

* Some truly holy wow amazing ice sculptures.
* Some mighty good advice for lasting longer in high heels.
* I dream of going to so many of these festivals (except the tomatoes. I will skip the tomatoes).
* Bacon + cheddar + jalapenos + easy = best recipe EVER.
* I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm chronically late, though I can be a bit "timeliness challenged". Here are some great explanations for why people run late and ways to break the habit.
* Only in NYC (and I must be a true NYC'er because this seems totally cute and reasonable to me!)
* Because Disney does true love better than most... 
* RBG I sure do love you.
* For your daily dose of goosebumps, this is beautiful.

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