Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Presidalentine's Day!

This is so good.
For a lover of love and Presidential geek such as myself, I don't think it gets much better than Valentine's Day falling on President's Day Weekend. I'm in heaven. And though three day weekends aren't quite as special as they used to be since I started working from home, I still plan to snuggle with my sweetie on Saturday and pay homage to George and Abe (and all the others!) on Monday. Want to combine the two?! Well thank goodness for THIS.

Also, have you seen this commercial?! Obviously as soon as I saw it I was like "I MUST LEARN THAT SONG!" and so off to the world wide web I went to find it. 

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with love and a Monday fit for a President (whatever that means!) xox

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