Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just a little comfort (object)

World, meet Rolly. Rolly is one of a well known one-hundred and one dalmatians, and he has been my "lovey" for almost as long as I can remember. That's right, I (still) have a lovey and I'm not afraid to admit it. A holdout from the childhood era of comfort objects, Rolly has been to sleepovers, summer camp, college and on countless vacations, even surviving one terrifying "leave behind" in Hong Kong. Rolly has been cuddled blind (repeated attempts to sharpie-repair his pupils have been unsuccessful) and snuggled flat (he used to have a pudgy belly). Even Dr. H loves and respects the power of Rolly.

While it may seem juvenile, I don't see how a favorite stuffed animal or blanket is any different than a beloved hooded sweatshirt or a delicious home-cooked family recipe. Material things are capable of bringing us comfort no matter how old we are because they evoke a feeling inside us. Though there obviously comes an age when always toting around your comfort object "just in case" is no longer appropriate, I think that if you want to grab a stuffed animal when you get home because it's been a brutal day, why the heck not!? Do you still have a comfort object in your life? Are you willing to admit it!?

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  1. I do! Silky. My once white, now yellow, blanket. The edges are trimmed in a silk material and to this day, rubbing the silk between my fingers is one of the most comforting things in the world. I don't take it with me anymore, but it's always waiting for me on my bed when I return :)