Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How much is TOO much?

Dr. H and I watch A LOT of tv. I say this without embarassment because while we have some pretty serious boob tube habits, we also have some self-imposed limitations which I choose to believe balance us out. First off, like an adorable old couple, we have our “programs” and we always make a point to watch them together. It’s a mortal sin in my house to watch Dexter alone; Parks and Recreation is just not as funny without Dr. H next to me... We approach 95% of all television watching as a team - TV is the perfect way to spend time together without having to do anything. Second, we do not have a television in our bedroom. There is one tv in our home and it’s in the living room. Growing up, my parents never allowed me to have a tv in my room and I’ve come to view the idea of television in bed as an obstruction of bedroom zen (it worked mom!) When we stay at hotels, tv in bed is a treat and when we’re home if we want to watch something, we do it side by side (or at least side by “he/she’s on the computer”side). 

As for our less brag-worthy habits, the advent of DVR has made watching television so convenient and efficient (no commercials!) that we rarely miss an episode of at least a dozen different shows*. From Premium Channels (how do people live without Showtime and HBO!?) to good old basic cable, we’ve got something recording every night of the week. We don’t always turn the tv on (thanks iPod!) but on average I’d say we’re soaking up around 2 hours a night. Is this too much? Do you think our “good” habits make up for the fact that the sheer number of hours spent in front of the tube could lead to a serious case of zombie brain? Here’s to hoping.

*What are we watching you ask? Dexter, Californication, Shameless, Bored to Death, Mad Men, Family Guy, The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Parenthood, Glee, New Girl, Jersey Shore, Up All Night, So You Think You Can Dance, Tosh.O, Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl (Those last two are Dr. H’s favorite shows to nap to). 

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  1. We are the same Meri - use TV as a 'hang out and relax while using no brainpower' type activity :). Our list is pretty similar to yours...and no tv in the bedroom here either! We have been guilty of falling asleep in front of the tv, so we are trying to remedy that for 2012!