Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dirty Laundry.

This is not my laundry room.
Got to air out my dirty laundry. My dirty winter laundry. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no household chore I hate more than winter laundry. There's the extra stuff, like a billion pairs of socks and tights (I miss my flip flops), the sheer bulk of it (sweatpants and sweatshirts take up so much extra space!) and all that extra folding and sorting. Ugh. While laundry has never been my favorite task, winter laundry is on my "do anything to avoid it" list (and avoid it I am). 

Do you have any household chores that you absolutely loathe? How do you force yourself to get them done before the hamper is overflowing and you're out of black leggings (for example)? I'm always in search of ways to make my dreaded chores easier (e.g., add music - a trip to the laundry room is way better with a soundtrack) but winter laundry may have me beat. Here's to tackling our "to do" lists this week, even those items that always seem to be the last to get done!

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