Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hump Day Distractions

I know we cruised right through my beloved President's Day and didn't even give mention to the always lovely (hehe) Valentine's Day, but here we are at hump day and I've got some goodies to share so I'm sharing them!! Enjoy!

* Shut the F up Cadbury, this is insane!!! Who's coming with me to London!?
* I'm taking this quote from the always wise T. Swift to heart...
* When you live in NYC, having your kids share a room is pretty common. Some think of it as a negative to city living, but if this is what it could look like, I'm all for it!!
* This is a really thought provoking article on the importance of in-person "quality time" with friends and family.
* Infatuation is the outstanding restaurant reviewer and locator website/app you've been waiting for (available for NYC, LA, San Fran and Chicago last I checked!) 
* I love puns so much it's ridiculous.
* This is the most horrifyingly hysterical thing you will see all week.

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