Friday, November 28, 2014

Season of Plenty.

Liza Minnelli, 1948

Marilyn Monroe, 1958

Sigourney Weaver, 1983

Sofia Loren, 1954
Nothing says Thanksgiving like beautiful women stuffing their faces
Wishing you and yours a plentiful, tasty, health and happy holiday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I am the bag lady.

An alternative to draping them across chairs...
This morning I looked around my living room and noticed something a tad alarming. Seven (7!) different bags, in various states of packed/unpacked, hanging on the chair backs in the room. There were 2 purses, 1 gym bag and 4 different tote bags strewn across my desk chair, two kitchen chairs and the corner of the couch. I am the bag lady.

City living is definitely partially to blame for this situation. Without a car, I'm like my own personal sherpa, toting (literally!) everything I need each day in various bags, from my laptop and wallet, to bike shoes and what I picked up at the grocery store (don't hate me because I'm green!) What I can't really blame on anyone but myself is how the bags end up hanging and abandoned once I get home, remnant packs of tissues and gum, the hand sanitizer I'm always looking for and occasionally an iPod or favorite lipstick buried within them. I'm like Goldilocks with my purses, always changing to the one that's "just right" and if one more event hands out a free "perfect for your groceries" tote bag, I'm tote-ally screwed. (hehe) Tomorrow is slated to be a home cleanup/organize day... wish me luck getting the invasion of the bags under control!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hear it, Read it, Make it, Love it.

Looking out.
Welcome my friends to one of the most wonderfully weird weeks of the year where Monday feels like a Monday, but Tuesday feels like a Thursday and Wednesday feels like a Friday, but a summer Friday because you know you're cuttin out of work early Wednesday aren't you!? So even though it's Monday, we're all "I can conquer the planet if the planet only requires conquering for 2.5 days!" AmIRight!? To kick off the weirdo holiday week, I thought I'd deliver a long overdue Hear it, Read it, Make it, Love it for your enjoyment. Because you didn't really want to get any work done today anyway:)

* Hear It
Country girl legit takin hold of NYC.
I think it is time for us all to admit it out loud- Taylor Swift is awesome. There. I said it. I like Taylor Swift because her music is insanely catchy, she has mastered the power of reinvention and unlike so many other young musicians of her generation, T. Swift's talent is next level. The writing and instrument playing and now even sassy performing? On point Swifty. So stop being in denial and download a copy of her latest album 1989 today.

* Read It
Love this cover art.
I picked up a copy of Amy Poehler's Yes Please in hard copy last week and I've been enjoying every minute of my time with it. Well worth the investment over an eReader copy (there are cool pictures and graphics that just won't translate) this book is filled with stories of Amy discovering her comedic power, surviving a divorce and juggling a wild life (which she deeply appreciates while finding exhausting). The book has more advice and anecdotes than I expected and though  not outstanding or insanely laugh out loud funny (a la her buddy Tina's Bossypants), reading it makes me smile and I picked it over turning on the tv several times this weekend (and that's definitely saying something:) Go for it. (ps, OMGeeee I just learned while googling Amy for this post that her middle name is Meredith. How awesome!?!)

* Make It
May-jah Day after the Feast Nomnoms.
Because the only thing better than your Thanksgiving feast is the feast you get to have again the next day (and the next) with all those leftovers. I've got some serious leftovers inspiration for ya here, 50 recipes to be exact, sorted by item (e.g., cranberry sauce, turkey etc). A few of these recipes look so good you might be stowing away food for Friday on purpose!!

* Love It
Yes. Just so much YES!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Gobble Gobble

Can you guys believe that next week is Thanksgiving? I literally cannot wrap my head around how quickly yet another month has passed us by! It feels like just yesterday I was bemoaning the end of August and 10 seconds ago I was picking out a Halloween costume... whoa. Thankfully, because my dining room table ("dining room" used interchangeably with "only food-eating-height" table) seats just four people, it is not my responsibility to host Turkey Day. I am one of the lucky ones that gets to sleep in, watch the parade on tv and then show up with a bottle of wine in hand and eat until I pass out on my cousin's couch (#murica) But this complete lack of responsibility hasn't stopped me from collecting a TON of awesome Thanksgiving recipes and ideas from around the web for all of you to enjoy... 

So, with 1 weekend left to shop, here's everything you need to be declared Queen of the Pilgrims at your Thanksgiving Feast.

Even though people love their classic Thanksgiving side dishes, if you think your crew is willing to live on the wild side (literally hehe), these 12 Classic Thanksgiving Sides with a Twist like Buttermilk Biscuit Stuffing, Fully Loaded Smashed Potatoes and Sriracha Green Beans with Candied Bacon (good lawd YES!) are sure to be a hit.

If you are ready to channel your inner baking Goddess this Thanksgiving, these Sweet Potato Pumpkin Rolls with adorable little "gratitude scrolls" inside are for you! The recipe sounds absolutely delicious, the finished product looks wonderful and when guests crack open their rolls to find a little parchment paper note of gratitude (or some other message... know your audience:) inside, everyone will be blown away by your craftiness for sure!

Nothing welcomes guests like a home that smells of holiday sweetness. Whip up some of this Thanksgiving Stovetop Potpourri if you've got a stovetop burner to spare next Thursday!

Holiday eating doesn't have to be horrible for your waist line to be delicious (they claim) which is why I was excited to stumble upon this collection of Ten Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes including that delicious looking Farro, Cranberry and Goat Cheese Salad or maybe a Pumpkin Cheesecake Bite is more your "healthy" style!?

Thanksgiving inspires a lot of great crafting ideas, from the food, to the colors to the theme of thankfulness. Click HERE for an awesome list of "Best Ever Thanksgiving DIYs" from Style Me Pretty Living (my personal favorites are the leftover pie slice printables and the gourd candles (above)) and click HERE for 30 table-decor specific ideas. 

Finally, pick one of the many takes on Turkey Cupcakes and wow your guests with an easy to make dessert that will be (almost) too adorable to eat. Options HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Little bits of things...

This morning I stumbled upon the trailer for an upcoming live action version of Disney's Cinderella which I have to admit I didn't even know was a thing, but turns out it is and it's arriving in March 2015 and the trailer is out and it is... Perfection.
Should I be embarrassed to tell you that I had tears in my eyes by the end? Because I did. And I think it's because everything about this depiction, this recreation of an animated tale that I've loved with my whole heart since I was a very little girl looks Perfect. The casting of Lily James (Downton Abbey) as Ella, the way they've woven just a little back story into the fairytale, those costumes... I melt...

In other news, this week the beloved (by all but Dr. H) OscartheFriendlyPup has been spending quite a bit of time at the Merry Meri HQ while my parents are on vacation. I thought you all would enjoy a visual of "the state of things"...
"Yes Meri, can I help you with something?"
("Yes Oscar, I've given up on keeping your off the couch")

Some of us are working harder than others...
A few minutes ago Osc adorably nuzzled his nose onto my legs. When I responded by petting him lovingly, he proceeded to climb halfway up onto my tiny ikea chair and lay his 100lb body across my lap. What a mush.

And finally, I stumbled upon this link this morning and it cracked me up. Click for a laugh:) (Is it the weekend yet!?)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Me neither!
Friends. It is day 3 and the cold rages on. This is both literal and figurative as NYC is enduring a frigid 20-something degree day while I personally am still enduring a stuffed nose, icky cough and voice that sounds like something straight off the sex chat hotline (so hot). Here to get us through the day and over the hump are some goodies of the internet variety. Go heat up some tea and get your click on:)

* A cool giveaway opportunity for the bike-loving little in your life!
* If you love food like I do, this game is going to be a lot of fun (also, gut wrenchingly difficult).
* If you buy me this room, I will prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the fam for life. Promise.
* Calling all ballers/Brooklyn Nets fans (is that a thing that actually exists?!), THIS is for you.
* Seasonally appropriate and perfect for soothing a sore throat. Time to get yo soup on!
* Breaking news. BREAKING F*CKING NEWS!!!! (emoji lovers rejoice... there will be a taco!)

Monday, November 17, 2014


That's about right.
Today, I am sick. I felt it coming on Friday evening and by yesterday I had a full blown cold with a painful sore throat, cough and swollen glands. It's one of those "not bad enough to be totally down for the count, but totally bad enough to feel miserable" situations and the grey skies and rain here in NYC ain't makin me feel any better. Blegh indeed. 

I wish so badly that I had one of these.

Can't hurt to try.

So. True.

Lunch. (aka, Jewish Penicillin)