Thursday, July 30, 2015

Have you heard about (aka, what I'm currently obsessed with...)

Listen up people!!
My level of absolute obsession with the two (completely unrelated) things I'm about to share deserved more than just a plain old "Have You Heard About". If you've been anywhere near me in the past month or two you've probably heard me talking about these obsessions (sorry, not sorry!) and that's because they're just straight up awesome. So what are these Merry Meri wonders you ask? Well, have you heard about...

* Adult Coloring Books
A masterpiece from my beloved Secret Garden coloring book.
In June, I walked into Barnes and Noble and was immediately drawn to a display table covered in complex, ethereal, beautifully illustrated coloring books. I simply had to have one and ever since I can't put the thing down! Armed with a fresh 50-color box of Crayola colored pencils, I'm a coloring machine, spending hours at a time lost in the tiny details of each beautiful page. I find the activity soothing and rewarding, requiring deep focus, but somehow not at all the kind of focus that feels like work.  And turns out I'm not alone, adult coloring books are currently 6 of the top 20 selling books on!! “I think it probably speaks to people’s enjoyment in doing this kind of relaxing hobby or distraction from everyday life,” Sarah Deaver, president of the American Art Therapy Association, says “It creates an object of focus, and it creates something that’s beautiful and that’s satisfying.” Amen to that!!! So get yourself an adult coloring book today and don't worry about staying inside the lines, the best thing about being an adult is that you get to make your own rules:)

* ClassPass
Gym memberships can be pricey in NYC and for me, committing to that cost would have meant cutting out favorite workouts like SoulCyle, YogaVida and small group training sessions in the park. Enter ClassPass. ClassPass allows you to pay 1 monthly fee (in NYC it's currently $100 but going up to $125 this fall) and membership includes access to literally 100s of fitness classes (including open gym time!) throughout any ClassPass city! You can take as many classes as you want, with up to 3 per month at the same studio and sign up is as easy as opening the app and seeing what's near you that's about to begin! Through ClassPass I've discovered a love for high intensity interval training at Kore, adventures in indoor "surfing" at SurfSet (super unique and cool) and fallen in love one stroke at a time with Row House. As someone who needs variety to stick with exercise, ClassPass has been PERFECT and there's never a time when I can't find something interesting to try. (The downside? My beloved SoulCycle is not a member of ClassPass. Thankfully Cyc has proven a worthy substitute). Considering what I was paying in individual studio fees before, I'm coming out way ahead with ClassPass and working out all the time. So what are you waiting for!? Sign up!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hump Day Distractions

Car Humor.
Are you sweating yet!? Is it hot enough out there for ya!? For those not residing in NYC, you should know that we're currently enduring a bit of 90+ degree heat here which goes perfectly with pavement and steel skyscrapers don't you think!? Here to help you pass the time while you hide in the air conditioning are some delightful distractions from around the web. Stay cool my friends!

* The always lovely Reese Witherspoon has launched a clothing/home goods brand called Draper James. I want everything. EVERYTHING.
* What if we covered teaching the way we cover sports? This sketch is pretty damn hysterical.
* This grilled corn salad recipe is actually making my mouth water. May have to whip it up this weekend!!
* How to get a soft, stretched braid from my go-to DIY hairstyle video source, Small Things Blog.
* Some great tips for dining out with tiny humans.
* Mark your calendars people, Broadway Week is coming (that means 2 for 1 tickets!!!)
* Toronto, you are amazing (ps- sorry if I shared this already, I can't remember. I blame the heat)

Monday, July 27, 2015

in sickness & in health.

This is the easy part...
We have all heard the traditional wedding vow, that moment in the ceremony when the husband and wife to-be promise to love and support one another in sickness and in health. The promise is quickly made, for most a distant thought in that moment of love and celebration. For me, there was no contemplation of the depth of this promise or to how it would extend well beyond my husband to also include "his people", all of whom were about to become "my people" by marriage.

And then last week, Dr. H flew to Florida to be beside a beloved one of "his people" who was ill. Though the prognosis was optimistic, nothing is for sure when you're 88 years old and suffer a heart attack and a fall. Dr. H's Nana, my Nana, needed support and love, optimism and distraction. He went and I soon followed, to do our best navigating this uncharted territory, invoking that (fortunately) little needed portion of our vows. 

Today, Nana is without question on the mend and Dr. H and I are one "life's challenge" deeper into our journey as husband and wife... I saw a new side of my fierce love for my husband and we both discovered a new dimension to how we compliment one another. Most importantly though, we learned just how much we're there, in sickness and in health, for each other and our people. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hump Day Distractions

I'm sorry, but fart jokes will NEVER stop being funny.
Hey-oh Hump Day adventurers, how are you livin? It's a bit of a grind over here this week so I'm going to get straight to the good stuff. Happy clicking!!

* Brings new meaning to "playing with your food"! (via exPress-o)
* Relieved to hear I'm not the only person that occasionally forgets to apply deodorant and that there's an on-the-go fix that doesn't involve stopping at CVS!
* The guy from Let's WhineAboutIt might be my new favorite human. 
* Spotted in the West Village: Merry Meri's dream house (the light, those floors, that bathroom, that kitchen... I swoooon!)
* 2 ingredient pancakes? Innnnteresting....
* Thoughts on the off-the-shoulder trend?
* Watermelon makes for an excellent summer party decor theme don't you think?
* The most adorable twinsies you ever did see.

Monday, July 20, 2015

You're never too old for something new (to eat!)

I really like cherries, who knew? (not me!)
How often do you try a new food or re-try a food you've always written off as something you don't like? I am always happy to taste something brand new, but I've also made it a habit to regularly revisit foods I "don't like" to make sure that I still don't like them! This may sound strange, but it's important to try foods over and over again because science has shown that our tastebuds actually change over time!

I was first amazed by this tastebud evolution in college... My roommate "introduced" me to strawberries (how was there ever a time that I didn't LOVE strawberries!?) and the little lady I used to babysit was responsible for my "discovery" of delicious broccoli ("if you try it, I'll try it" she said. So we both did, and we both liked it!!) In recent years, I've shed my "picky eater" skin, eating mussels, lobster, brussels sprouts, almonds, cherries and countless other foods, all thanks to re-trying them. No luck yet with peanut butter, but perhaps there's still hope that I'll enjoy my first ever PB&J someday? So next time you go to pass on a food you think you dislike, consider giving it another chance... the results may pleasantly (and tastily!?) surprise you!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Adults who scoot.

Dude. You're embarrassing yourself. 
This may turn out to be a controversial statement, but I'm going to make it anyway... Today, I am taking a firm, public stance against adults who scoot. That's right, I am anti-adults-on-scooters.

In NYC, scooters are a common mode of transportation for children, whose parents, I assume, need them to move along the sidewalk with more speed than their tiny legs can operate (add wheels and your 5 year old actually travels at a reasonable pace). While I have plenty of judgment I'd like to pass on the safety of this activity in a bustling city (for the kids and the people walking around these tiny terrorists on wheels...) I won't, because kids on scooters are at least a natural thing. But you know what's not natural? Adults on scooters. Adult men and women, often dressed professionals, scooting down the sidewalk en route to who knows where. To my scooting adult audience, please know this: you look RIDICULOUS. Adults on scooters seems about as natural as an adult climbing into one of those baby bucket swings with the leg holes and trying to explain it away by saying that it allows them to swing higher. Is scooting faster than walking? Sure, but that doesn't mean there aren't some activities that should be left to the kiddos. 

If you are an adult who scoots, I apologize if I've offended you, but I think this was important to hear. As the saying goes, "if you're old enough to have(/touch) some hooters, you should not travel about on scooters." 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

From best coast, to west coast and back again!

Be a diamond baby.
Hey-o my merry friends and a happy Thursday to you! This week has been an insane adventure and a genuine test of my ability to function without sleep... I endured 3 consecutive 4:45am wake ups (in 2 different time zones), spent 21 hours in LA (only 30 minutes of which were spent sleeping!), scarfed down my first ever In-N-Out Burger (then seriously contemplated ordering a second) and rocked to the Foo Fighters at Citi Field (Dave Grohl's "throne" (and Grohl in general) were awesome).

Hype Deserved.
Double Double Animal Style. STFU. 
LaLa Land.
There was actual work involved in this trip I swear.
Rock N Roll baby!!
So now that I've picture-blasted you with an excuse for my absence this week, here are some goodies from around the web that I'm excited to share. I've also got a list of great topics to chat about soon, like scooters, coloring books, an ode to wireless speakers and cherries. Stay tuned!!

I don't think I've been this excited about the word "suffragette" since the day I figured out what the zany mom from Mary Poppins was actually singing about.

I got my hair done for the event I had out in LA and was thrilled with the beachy, casual-yet-polished final result. To see my inspiration and 15 other perfect-for-summer braided looks, click HERE.

These "fix your clothing" hacks are about to blow your mind. Seriously.